PhotoSee | a free wireless App as photo viewer and manager.


What's PhotoSee?

PhotoSee serves as your private photo cloud, you can view, tag and backup your photos directly from your ios devices. You can even just navigate through your photo collection via any web browser on any tablets, mobile phones or other PCs without itunes. Now it supports DLR's Raw format!

No Privacy Leakage

Your photos never leave your computer. No leakage risk. As owner you can view photos by album and date. You can sort your photos into different tags without making numerous copies. You can save and delete photos at one touch. While a guest can only view, you can decide how many actions he could enjoy.

Easy to Use

Once setup, even elders and kids can use this free app. Your photos don't need to sleep in your hard drive any more. And if your guest is not willing to install our app, he can just launch any web browser, scan a QR code that PhotoSeeTray provides, and the photo selection will show.

No Cache Required

Your photos are streamlined directly from PC Server , without any needs of storage in your tablet or mobile. Even a 128GB iPad can't compare to a hard drive measured in TB. And surely you don't want many copies of your photos here and there.

Why Not Online Cloud

First of all, online cloud service has no conflict to ours. We just give wifi access to your photos on PC within your home. While some issues need your attention: 1. Anything online is at risk of leakage; 2. You have to upload. 3. You can't quickly filter your photos via tags.

Why Not NAS

NAS files are in special format and easy to lose
NAS needs hardware, while PhotoSee is FREE
NAS is slower than PhotoSee which makes full use of PC
NAS doesn't support tags
NAS doesn't support photo management


Step 1

Download PC server to your PC and install. Please allow PhotoSeeService to run when prompted with any security warning.

Step 2

In the popup Setup Dialog, select the parent folder of all your photos. PhotoSeeService will then index and monitor the changes of this folder.

Step 3

Use your iPhone/iPad to visit our website then click "Get App" to the software link of App store, or prepare any device with web browser.

Step 4

Make sure your mobile device is connected to same wifi router that PC connects. Run App to use it directly or use web browser to visit your PC's ip address like

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